medisun GS10 / PS20

Hyperhidrosis therapy with innovative pulse current therapy

Approximately 1% of the population suffers from excessive sweating on the hands, feet or shoulders. The medisun anti-hidrosis therapy has been a scientifically recognized treatment procedure for many years, which assists in obtaining normal dry skin without drugs or operative interventions in 98% of cases.   
The medisun-hyperhidrosis therapy is absolutely safe and almost painless and devoid of side effects when properly carried out.
Treatment is done by means of hand and foot baths and therapy of the shoulder and face or the neck and back by means of special sponge applicators through which weak DC or pulsed current pass. The strength of the current can be individually adjusted and is limited to the maximum strength.

With ingenious safety concepts against electrical shocks (pasture fence effect) and the intelligent immersion supervision with an excessive therapy protection function, you shall get the highest level of user – friendliness with medisun therapy devices. Medisun therapy devices are distinguished by their ease of operation and maximum reliability with the highest effectiveness.

Product Videos

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