medisun BALNEO 3000

Efficient and economical foil bath therapy

  • Fully insulated balneo tub with special thermal insulation
  • Body-friendly tub design with a large freedom of the trunk, backrest, armrests and head recess
  • Impact and acid-proof GRP material
  • Thermostatic bath and shower mixer including scald protection
  • Use in a relaxed lying position
  • 4 leveling, non-slip feet
  • 250 liter capacity
  • Tub shortener for maximum safety
  • Little installation effort
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Dimensions: approx. L 198 x W 89 x H 76 cm
  • Easy cleaning, optimal hygiene



The medisun balneo foil was specially developed for foil baths with Balneo 3000. The 3.50 m wide foil is folded to 1 meter wide and wound onto 130 m rolls. The material is environmentally and skin friendly. One roll is enough for around 30 bath applications. A delivery unit consists of 2 rolls packed in a shipping package. We recommend the medisun foil dispenser as an accessory.


The medisun foil dispenser is especially suitable for medisun balneo foil rolls up to 130 m in length. It is attached to the wall with two screws. The integrated rotary knife enables the medisun balneo foil (without perforation) to be conveniently cut off for bath preparation. Alternatively, you can work even more efficiently and cleanly with the perforated medisun foil.


The medisun balneo salt consists of chemically cleaned sodium chloride (99.9%). It does not contain any allergenic additives such as those found in food salt. The medisun balneo salt has already proven itself with great success in the context of the balneophototherapy study. We deliver in affordable 25 Kg cartons medisun Balneosalz. The delivery takes place by parcel service. Ask about our low bulk prices and call-off conditions.