medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDT

medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDT

medisun PDT 9000 is an innovative light treatment system for the painless exposure of photodynamic therapy (PDT) with polychromatic spectra from a high power LED light source.

The main indications are actinic keratoses, which are reported for a steady increase worldwide. Actinic keratoses are a preliminary stage to skin cancer, usually associated with excessive exposure to the sun during life, e.g. in outdoor occupations.

Therefore, the workmen`s compensation boards in Germany have recognized actinic keratosis as an occupational disease for many professions. Patients in these cases have a lifelong right to get paid the treatment costs.

Conventional red light PDT has been established for many years as it has proven to be very effective. However, the therapy protocols used are usually associated with great pain for the patients.


With the outdoor daylight PDT with natural sunlight, an alternative therapy protocol has been developed that contains all wavelengths of light and is less painful. However, the actual irradiance and the spectral composition of the light will depend on some uncontrollable factors such as the season, time of day, temperature, elevation above sea level, geographical location and weather conditions.

In certain weather conditions, e.g. below + 10 ° C, the outdoor daylight PDT can not be performed at all or the effect can not be calculated and is not reproducible. In addition, sunscreen must also be applied. However, the outdoor daylight PDT is considered to be less painful than the conventional red light PDT.

medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDTwidth=

The new medisun PDT 9000 represents the logical further development of the outdoor daylight PDT and the red light PDT.

medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDT

medisun PDT 9000 uses programmable multicolor high power LEDs. These can produce many monochromatic and polychromatic light mixtures.

With the newly developed medisun PDT therapy protocol, a painless exposure with an optimized daylight spectrum with only one hour of exposure time is possible, which is just as effective as the conventional red light PDT.

This has now been confirmed by a published clinical study by Prof. Dr. Thomas Dirschka and Prof. Dr. Rolf-Markus Szeimies.

The efficacy and freedom from pain during the exposure was also confirmed by a clinical study by Prof. Dr. med. Hans Michael Ockenfels (Hanau).

The integrated PC control allows different therapy protocols to be used.

1. Conventional red light PDT with 37 J / cm² at 630 nm with painless exposure. Indications: actinic keratosis, skin rejuvenation

The integrated red light PDT meets the requirements of known photosensitizers (e.g., AMELUZ, 5-ALA, etc.) for the treatment of actinic keratoses.

medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDT

2. Innovative medisun PDT with optimized polychromatic white light spectrum (410 to 700 nm, similar to daylight) with painless exposure. Indications: actinic keratosis, skin rejuvenation

This therapeutic protocol, proven by a clinical trial, allows painless exposure and shows excellent efficacy with only one hour of exposure.

medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDT

3. Integrated 3D fluorescence diagnostics with wood light

medisun PDT 9000
is the only PDT system to have an integrated wood light function for fluorescence diagnosis, which enables optimal diagnosis and success control, which can also be billed separately. Only in the wood light all actinic keratoses become visible to the human eye.

medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDT

4. Blue light therapy for acne treatment

With the integrated blue light spectrum, you can treat inflammatory acne forms supportive. .

Medisun PDT 9000 uses a selective blue light (410 - 450nm). The blue light acts by stimulating the bacterial porphyrins and formation of free oxygen radicals directly destroying acne bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes), healthy skin is thereby spared. The irradiation time is 20 min. A series of 6 to 12 sessions about 2 to 3 times a week is recommended.
medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDT

5. 10,000 lux SAD therapy for the treatment of winter depression

With the integrated affective disorder therapy (SAD), winter depression can be treated as an adjunct. The effect is achieved via a special flicker-free light with 10,000 lux over the eyes. The exposure time is 20 to 30 minutes.
medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDT

By using medisun PDT 9000 it is now possible to perform the painless PDT exposure planned in your practice throughout the year.

medisun PDT 9000is equipped with a three-dimensional radiation field around the head. Single or multiple lesions (field carcinogenesis) up to the entire head can be treated individually and homogeneously in an exposure procedure. Excellent tolerability and consistently excellent therapy results are achieved.

medisun PDT 9000 - The new painless PDT

Thanks to the programmed PC control, the medisun PDT 9000 remains future-proof, regardless of which light spectrum will be of importance in the future.which light spectrum will be of importance in the future.

All medisun products are developed and produced in Brühl near Cologne.

The medisun systems are certified as medical devices according to directive 93/42/EEC by TÜV-Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.

We rely on tested quality - Made in Germany.

Medisun PDT systems are already used in many university hospitals and dermatological practices.

We are happy to inform you competently and without obligation.

Further information at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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