medisun 2800 Innovation Pro
medisun 2800 Innovation Pro

medisun 2800 Innovation – UV cabin

Professional UV phototherapy with optimized exposure

  • UV cabin with 8 lamp modules (new)
  • 40 UV special lamps
  • 200 cm lamps
  • UVA, UVA-1, UVB-311 or combination assembly
  • Touch panel PC
  • Redundant real-time UV sensors
  • (2-fold UVA, 2-fold UVA1, 2-fold UVB-311)
  • Dosage input in J / cm²
  • Redundant security system
  • Remaining time display
  • Patient safety systems
  • Voice system – voice output for patient information
  • Continuously adjustable patient ventilation
  • Acrylic protective glass in front of the lamps
  • Double wing door
  • Autostop when opening the cabin door
  • Ergonomic lamp arrangement
  • Lamp cooling system

The innovative UV- radiation cabin for optimized treatment of UV-sensitive skin diseases

The medisun® 2800 Innovation is the new technological standard for whole-body UV treatment. Operation and control is carried out by an integrated touch PC with UV sensor measurement. UVA, UVB-311 or combined exposures can be carried out. Equipment with UVA-1 spectrum is also possible.

The ergonomic arrangement of the 8 modules, each with 5 UV lamps, in conjunction with a newly developed lamp control offers optimized dose accuracy. Even patients with different body sizes can now be dosed evenly.

Effective and optimized treatment of psoriasis, atopic eczema, vitiligo and other skin diseases.

Equipped with 200 cm long UV lamps, the medisun® 2800 Innovation offers homogeneous exposure from head to toe, even for very tall patients.

medisun® 2800 Innovation enables safe and efficient whole body with convenient handling and the latest technology.


If you wish, you can order the medisun® 2800 Innovation UV cabin with your preferred color application to match your clinic or practice environment!