medisun XENIA UVA-1


  • New open housing concept
  • Maximum freedom of movement for patients
  • No claustrophobia
  • Comfortable, extra-large synthetic leather mattress
  • Easy cleaning, optimal hygiene
  • Latest xenon lamp technology
  • Reduced energy requirement – only 5 kW instead of 25 kW
  • Enormous savings in electricity costs
  • Whole-body and partial irradiation with 6 individually adjustable lamp groups
  • Very little heat development
  • No expensive exhaust air systems necessary
  • Short cooling phases for the lamps
  • No electric drives, e.g. B. Lift systems required
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Medisoft therapy and patient management software (optional)

Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease that is characterized by eczema, itching, and very dry skin. Around 5 million people are affected in Germany. And the frequency is increasing. The disease often means tremendous suffering for those affected. Topical corticosteroids are therefore usually prescribed for rapid relief, but these are often problematic with long-term use.

The UVA-1 therapy, which has been examined in many studies, has now established itself as a successful, cortisone-free standard therapy. medisun UVA-1 beds have been among the best-selling systems worldwide since 1997. The medisun XENIA bed is equipped with a modern computer control with full-body and partial radiation functions. medisun UVA-1 beds have been used in clinics and medical practices with great success for over 20 years around the world.

In the first generation, high-pressure lamps were still used, which were very successful, but also required complex and expensive ventilation systems and large power supply connections. The associated investment and operating costs were correspondingly high.

The continuously modified medisun Xenia UVA-1 bed represents a technological revolution due to the new energy-saving xenon lamp technology. The 72 UVA1 lamps hardly produce any heat, but mainly UV and VIS radiation. Therefore, expensive and complex exhaust air systems can now be dispensed with.

The optimized housing concept offers patients and operators significantly more comfort and prevents claustrophobia, as the ceiling of the lamp remains completely open during exposure. The additional lamp side module achieves very good, homogeneous exposure.

The proven medisun computer control enables whole-body and partial exposures with 6 individually adjustable lamp fields. The patients lie comfortably on a large synthetic leather mattress, which is also very suitable for tall and heavy patients.

The modern medisun computer control enables simple and safe operation.


  • Atopic dermatitis, moderate to severe forms
  • Circumscribed scleroderma
  • Various autoimmune diseases
  • Urticaria pigmentosa


The innovative UVA-1 bed medisun®-XENIA is characterized by an energy-saving lamp technology in connection with a modern computer control and simple operation. Renowned clinics and doctors have been working successfully with medisun UVA-1 systems around the world for many years.