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medisun RELAX chair

  • Elegant treatment couch fully electric cosmetic bed (3 or 4 motors)
  • The chair can be placed completely in a horizontal position.
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Electrical adjustment of head and foot sections
  • Electric tilt adjustment (only in 4 motor version)
  • Adjustment takes place via a hand switch
  • Bracket for hand switch on the bed
  • High quality upholstery approx. 11 cm thick
  • Very soft and very comfortable to lie on.
  • Cover of the bed made of easy-care and high-quality soft upholstery
  • The armrests can be folded up.
  • Dimensions of the bed: L 190 – 205 cm x W 63 cm without armrests / 80 cm with armrests x height    66 cm to 91 cm;
  • Weight of the bed: approx. 85 kg
  • Mains connection: 230 V Schuko plug medisun UV lamps

medisun UV lamps

We offer UV lamps in all common variants, suitable for all commercially available therapy systems at particularly low prices. Please ask for an individual offer.

UVB-311 (310-315 nm) 120 W
100 W
36 W
20 W
9 W
Length: 196,4 cm w/o pin
Length: 176,4 cm w/o pin
Length: 41,0 cm w/o pin
Lenght: 59,0 cm w/o pin
Lenght: 16,6 cm w. socket
PUVA (315-400 nm) 120 W
100 W
36 W
20 W
9 W
Lenght: 196,4 cm cm w/o pin
Lenght: 176,4 cm cm w/o pin
Lenght: 41,0 cm cm w/o pin
Lenght: 59,0 cm cm w/o pin
Length: 16,6 cm w. socket
UVA1 (340-400 nm) 120 W
100 W
36 W
9 W
Lenght: 196,4 cm cm w/o pin
Lenght: 176,4 cm cm w/o pin
Lenght: 41,0 cm cm w/o pin
Lenght: 16,6 cm w. socket

Xenon lamps I LED lamps: on demand

medisun UV protective goggles

medisun UV-protection goggles are available with an elastic band for patients and in a stable staff version.

medisun UV-protection goggles:

  • UV protective goggles for the patient
  • UV protective goggles for staff

medisun UV measuring device

medisun UV-check

The medisun UV-Check handheld radiometer enables quick and precise measurements of UV sources in the range of 250 – 400 nm.In the basic configuration, we recommend the medisun UV-Check with sensors for the two most common UV spectra (UVB-311 and UVA). Optionally, additional UV sensors can be calibrated for further UV spectra.

  • Therapy device control, e.g. required in the context of balneophototherapy
  • Comparative measurements at different measuring points
  • Homogeneity measurements of surfaces
  • Measurement of performance drop of UV lamps
  • Determination of reflector characteristics
  • Filter transmission measurements
  • Digital display
  • Sensor diode with filter